Are Insulated Work Boots Too Hot in The Summer

Introduction: Are Insulated Work Boots Too Hot in The Summer

Do you feel like ditching your insulated work boots in the summer? Yes, you can do that! To prevent your feet from overheating, it is advisable not to wear insulated boots. Summer months usually give sweaty feet, which is why it is a wise idea to wear breathable-designed shoes instead of opting for insulated boots.
Remember that you can only wear insulated boots if the environment is not too hot. These boots are only intended to keep your feet warm; wearing them during summer is not of any use. On this page, you can read more of the details regarding when it is ok and not ok to wear insulated boots:

Is it OK to wear insulated boots during the summer?

It is believed that wearing insulated shoes during summer is not a recommended practice. They make your feet sweaty and perspire more and more. The insulated lining infused in these shoes is meant to keep your feet warm and cold-free. What you can do is wear breathable and airy-designed shoes in the summer instead of preferring insulated boots.
These shoes indeed give added comfort and cushioning to each and every side of your feet. You can protect them from blisters and cuts, and the sides of your feet will not rub against the walls of the boots. Overall, insulated boots are a worthy pick, but wearing them in summer is not worth it at all.

Why should you not wear insulated boots in the summer?

  • Your feet become extremely sweaty.
  • The odor buildup process increases because the feet’ temperature becomes unstable and highly imbalanced.
  • The combination of intense atmosphere heat and insulated boots will give you an uncomfortable wearing experience.
  • Your feet will ultimately overheat and over-sweat.
  • The insulated boots give a heavier and bulky feel to the wearer.
  • Boots that have too much insulation cause excess chafing and discomfort. It adds extra weight and heat, which is not at all required during a hot summer day.
  • A good rule of thumb is that you can wear boots with an insulation rating of up to -20°F for extreme cold weather.
  • Besides, you can have boots showing a -10°F insulation rating for very cold weather. And buy boots that claim to provide 0°F insulation rating for cold weather.

When can you wear insulated boots in the summer?

It is on certain conditions that wearing insulated shoes during summer months is recommended:

  • You can wear insulated shoes if they have a breathable lining and membrane. These elements wick away moisture, and your feet do not produce sweat, even if it is very hot.
  • Furthermore, you can put on only those boots on a hot day packed with 200 grams of insulating layers. That seems to be a good fit for hot environments.
  • Your feet will sweat profusely if your shoes have 400g insulation. Note that the 400-gram capacity takes the temperature range between 30 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit which is very high. On the other hand, 200g insulation keeps the temperatures as low as -20 degrees F.
  • It depends on your feet type! Some people sweat a lot, and some sweat less. If you think your feet will not produce unwanted sweat and you wish to put on insulated shoes, go ahead.

You can check out these recommended ways that make it easy for you to wear insulated boots during summer without getting sweaty feet:

Wear them with breathable and moisture-wicking socks

The best way to wear insulated shoes without injecting sweaty feelings and discomfort-into the feet! It is to accompany them with breathable and moisture-wicking socks. These socks keep your feet cool and light and wick maximum moisture. Whether you have worn insulated shoes for hours, teaming them up with breathable socks will keep the feet 100% cool.

Accompany your insulated shoes with moisture-wicking liners

How about pairing your insulated boots with moisture-wicking liners? Yes, you can do that! These liners make it extremely comfortable to wear insulated shoes even on the hottest summer day. In addition, the liners ensure maximum airflow and circulation within the boots.

Choose the pull-on insulated boots

If you really want to wear insulated boots, and that too during the summertime, the better practice is to invest in pull-on insulated boots. They give more comfort and prevent uneasiness and sweat production.
The lace-up insulated shoes are not suitable for summer at all, and only the pull-on versions work best for this environment. These boots give maximum way to air so that they can flow smoothly, thus keeping your feet completely breathable and dry despite the footwear being insulated.

Important features to be present in insulated work boots with respect to the summer season

  • The insulating layer present in those work boots should be between 200 grams to 400 grams. If they are more than 400 grams, it is not suggested to wear those boots in the summer.
  • Look for insulated boots that are super-breathable and 100% waterproof.
  • They should be designed in a way to allow more airflow and prevent your feet from suffocating on hot days.
  • Pick insulated boots that are lightweight and infused with breathable linings.
  • 400-gram insulated boots are only suitable for cold temperatures. And 600-gram insulated shoes work best for extremely colder weather conditions as well as for low activity levels.


That is all about the details on insulated work boots and whether you should wear them in the summer! Overall, your feet will overheat and might over-sweat if you put on boots having insulated linings.
Suppose there is an emergency to wear insulated boots during hot days. In that case, the proven practice is to accompany these boots with moisture-wicking socks and sweat-absorbing liners or invest in pull-on insulated boots. You can keep tuned and in touch with us, and more info on wearing insulated boots in the right manner will be shared with you.

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