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Here is Carhartt cmx4023 Review

You can easily make a boring outfit stand out with cool shoes or vintage-style wedge boots. A boot can make us feel productive or sluggish throughout the day if we have an on-site job. An uncomfortable shoe can ruin your whole day, restricting your mobility. Hence, investing in good-quality shoes with great style and high-level comfort is essential. Carhartt CMX4023 is a very nice choice if you are searching for comfortable shoes.

The Carhartt CMX4023 boots undoubtedly have the best quality and are made with great material. The 100% leather boot is made for everyday use as it is sturdy enough to endure harsh conditions. Despite being a leather shoe, it has a great waterproof ability and slip-proof grip. These work-inspired casual boots will undoubtedly be the most-used shoe from your entire collection.
You are at the right platform if you want to read a Carhartt CMX4023 review in detail. We are discussing all its trailblazing features down below. Have a look!

Overview of the Carhartt CMX4023 Boots

Carhartt is a great brand with a good reputation amongst customers. One thing that made the brand stand out is its excellence in craft and design of modern yet vintage boots. Carhartt was founded in 1889 with great cooperative responsibility and excellent craftsmanship.

Over the years, Carhartt has maintained its reputation by partnering with new-generation pioneers to provide great designs. Each of its pieces is crafted with excellence to meet modern-day needs. Each boot delivers unbeatable comfort and lasts for years. Their boots are made for rugged tasks allowing you to perform better.
The Carhartt CMX4023 boots have a unique design for work and casual use. It has an upper leather material that looks stunning and feels great. The soft-grain leather material adds to the comfort, and it takes no time to break into it.

Customers love the moc stitched toe design because it adds a casual touch without compromising the quality. It has an ultra-versatile design that allows you to wear it anywhere, providing long-lasting comfort. The lightly cushioned insole helps you wear it for long hours without feeling foot pain.
On the other hand, the breathable boot lining is the best as it allows you to feel cool in hot weather. The lining is also best for moisture-wicking, which also helps in sweat absorption. A lightly padded collar and tongue further add to the comfort, making it easier to walk around.

If you are looking for a boot with athletic construction and a lightweight design, Carhartt CMX4023 is a great option. The branding on the side looks spectacular and gives the boot a further classy look. It is a unique blend of comfortable and stylish features at an affordable price. Dive ahead to find out more about its unbeatable features!

Key Specification

Carhartt cmx4023 Review Best Casual Wedge Boots
  • Material: 100% Leather
  • Color: Tan brown
  • Item weight: 1.08 Pounds
  • Item dimensions: 13.6 x 9.4 x 4.8 inches

Key Features of the Carhartt CMX4023 Boot

  • Leather Upper Part

Leather can be the trickiest material in shoes, and sometimes it chips too easily. However, the Carhartt CMX4023 boot has exceptional quality and is made with 100% soft-grain leather. The leather upper part gives a nice vintage touch to the boot. One of the best parts about the leather material is that it is molded easily and stretched to adjust your foot well.
The leather material is also treated to acquire waterproof qualities making it weather resistant. On the other hand, it is very easy to clean and polish leather material making it look good as new every time.

  • Cushioned Insole

Most boots don’t come with soft padding, which can cause arched feet to ache. However, Carhartt pays full attention to the design and comfort aspects of the boot. It has a padded inner sole, making you feel comfortable all day long. When you walk, run or jog, it provides you with the support you expect.

  • High-Quality Comfort

It is hard to find boots that take little time to break into and provide constant support. However, the Carhartt CMX4023 boot is one of the best in the market regarding comfort. It is made with soft-grain leather, which molds your feet perfectly.
On the other hand, it is padded with breathable material, which allows the air to pass through, keeping your feet dry. The inner padding adds another level of comfort, allowing you to walk all day without feeling tired. Moreover, its rubber soles add a slip-resistant factor to it, making it a great choice for rainy days.

  • Durable Outsole

A boot may be stunning, but it is only very worthy if it has high-quality and durable outsoles. The Carhartt boot is the ultimate user’s choice because its durable outsole provides an unbeatable grip. Whether you hike or walk on concrete ground or asphalt, the CMX4023 boots are a great option.

  • Lace-up Closure

The Carhartt boot is a great option if you want an easy-to-put-on shoe. You don’t have to go through the hassle of tying and untying laces. It has a front lace-up detail, but you can easily slip it on. It takes a few seconds to put on, making it a hassle-free choice.

  • Fast-drying Lining

Nobody likes smelly feet, which you can often get when wearing shoes all day. The Carhartt boot has a fast-drying and smell-absorbing inner lining. It helps soak the moisture, keeps your feet dry, and gets rid of nasty odors.

Pros & Cons of Carhartt CMX4023


  • Durable insole
  • Rubber lugs
  • Lace-up closure
  • Fast-drying lining
  • 100% leather
  • Lightly-cushioned insoles


  • Not best for industrial environments


The Carhartt CMX4023 boot is a great choice because they are affordable yet high quality. There are better choices than these for industrial surroundings but make an expectational casual boot. You must get these if you want boots that don’t make your feet smell and have padded insoles.

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