How To Clean Work Boots? 6 Quick Hacks & Tips

Here Are Quick Tips That How To Clean Work Boots

Cleaning work boots are not a problem now. Dirty and filthy boots look unimpressive. They actually look gross and ruin your whole personality. If your outfit looks spic and span, then pay attention to whether your shoes look top-cleaned or not! Here we have put up a guide regarding how to clean work boots. You can see the guide; a simple process is involved, and you need a few items.

Items Needed for Cleaning Work Boots

You need water, mild soap, a dry microfiber towel, a soft bristle brush, baking soda, vinegar, lemon juice, mink oil, a large basin, talcum powder, glass cleaning spray, and polish. These are the common household products we have identified; it is up to you which ingredient you want to pick for cleaning boots.

Step 1

Take a bowl and add water and dish soap to it. Prepare a solution and dip the soft microfiber cloth into that bowl. Rub the cloth in a circular motion on the boots and especially on the areas which are jam-packed with stubborn stains and filth.

Step 2

Now, take another bowl and add baking soda, dish soap mixture, and water into it. Stir it properly and dip the toothbrush. Scrub the shoe soles with a toothbrush and remove all stains and filthy spots. Furthermore, wipe away the excess soap and grime with the towel.

Step 3

Rinse the boots under running water. That is all; you are almost done. As a bonus, you can apply the mist window cleaner onto your boots to enhance shine. Air-dry the boots and keep them away from direct heat sources and sunlight.

Cleaning muddy boots and their filthy stained soles

The best way to clean muddy boots is to let the mid dry completely. Cleaning dry mud is easy than removing wet and sticky mud.
Some people have found it difficult to remove mud from their boot soles. What you can do is use a blunt screwdriver or small stick. Or you can soak the muddy shoe sole in some shallow pot. In doing so, the mud will automatically fall out.
Once the mud is taken out from the soles, you need to clean them thoroughly. Soles of work boots are either made of rubber or synthetic fabric. Use simple normal mild soap in both cases.
It is suggested to use a hard brush to scrub every section of the sole properly. Cleanse the filthy and dirty areas on the treads and remove gravels or small stones if they are still stuck,
After finishing the cleaning task, you need to air-dry the boot soles. You can even use a hair dryer to dry them.

Removing water stains from work boots

Removing water stains from work boots has also become a simple task.

  • The popular household ingredients that can help remove dark stains are tartar cream and lemon. Mix both of these ingredients and apply their blend to the stained part.
  • Let the mixture sit on the stain for a few minutes; after that, you can rinse it.
  • If you notice that the water stain is still there, the other way you can follow is to rub alcohol and get instant results.
  • Make sure to pour a very small amount of it on a dry towel and rub it gently onto the stained boot. As an alternative to alcohol, you can use white vinegar as well.

Eradicating oily stains from work boots

You never know when your work boots get surrounded with terrible-looking oily and greasy stains. You can clean them up immediately using an absorbent powder, and here we recommend using talcum.

  • Just sprinkle the talcum powder onto the oily and greasy stained area.
  • Let the power remain there for a few hours.
  • Now, take a soft brush, wipe off the powder residue, and you will see that all stains are gone.

Cleaning the inside section of work boots

When it comes to cleaning boots, you must prioritize washing them both from outside and inside. We have already mentioned how to clean the boots from the outside, including the soles part. The below-written guide will tell you how to clean shoes from the inside:

  • Take out the insoles and wash them in the washing machine or by hand.
  • Air-drying the insoles remains a must.
  • Meanwhile, the insoles are getting dry, add baking soda inside your shoes and keep them like this overnight. This hack will remove bad, nasty, and stinky odors.

Conditioning the leather-made work boots

The last important step is to condition the leather-made work boots. Following this practice will increase your boots’ life and make them shine more. Note that if your boots are made of suede, there is no need to condition them.

  • Get a small piece of towel and mink oil.
  • Apply the oil onto the outer side of your boots.
  • Let the oil dry naturally.
  • After you are done conditioning your shoes, applying polish and waterproof spray is also recommended. These tips will push the boots to last longer. Use a good-quality polish and soft brush.
  • Lastly, apply a waterproof spray very carefully. These will make the shoes water-tight, and they can resist moisture without losing their quality and durability.


Thus, that is how to clean work boots! No such expensive items are needed, and you can give a professional cleaning job to shoes by grabbing household items. Items like vinegar, lemon juice, alcohol, talcum powder, polish, waterproof spray, mink oil, and baking soda are popularly used to clean, wash and maintain the overall look of work boots.
You can share with us what cleaning and maintaining practices you follow to increase the shine and durability of your boots. Cleaner your shoes look, perfect your whole look will come out to be! Stay tuned and connected with us.

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