How To Keep Feet Cool in Work Boots | Useful Tips

Explaining How to keep feet cool in work boots

Keeping feet cool, sweaty and odor-free! Yes, you can catch a pleasant wearing experience even if you wear boots for hours and hours. It is assumed that wearing breathable-designed shoes, applying foot powder, staying hydrated, using insoles, and keeping feet clean can help you out. Below you can see more of the solutions that explain how to keep feet cool in summer:

Choose breathable-designed boots

Wearing breathable-designed shoes keeps your feet comfy and sweaty-free during extremely hot weather. Their primary purpose is to keep the feet cool, dry, and comfortable. No moisture will be produced by your feet as long as you have put on breathable shoes.
Footwear that is not breathable, only those shoes, leads to excessive sweating and stinky feet. A few of the work boots are engineered on Gora-Tex technology. It ensures that your feet breathe non-stop, thus preventing sweat and nasty odor production.

Wear breathable socks

During summer, remember to wear breathable socks with your boots. They keep feet thoroughly cool and fresh. Buy socks that offer anti-bacterial and moisture-wicking properties. You have to be very smart with respect to the choice of socks.
The right quality sock will prevent your feet from becoming smelly and sweaty. Furthermore, the high-end socks have specialist ventilation zones and moisture-wicking fibers to combat excessive perspiration.

Apply Foot Powder

The first thing you must buy is good-quality foot powder whenever the summer season starts. Smelly and heavily perspired feet can be avoided by applying powders or antiperspirant lotion before wearing the work boots.
Foot powder absorbs sweat, lets your feet breathe, prevents nasty odor buildup, and wicks moisture for 24 hours. Besides, products like these break down the perspiration process and keep your feet fresh and cool all day.

Use moisture-absorbent insoles/inserts

Another way is to keep your feet completely dry and cool in summer. Invest in moisture-absorbent insoles/inserts. They have extra moisture absorption properties and combat sweat, heavy perspiration and smelly odor with no hassle.
In addition, these cushioned inserts promise excellent climate control. Your feet temperature remains fine because these inserts have kept them in the most comfortable environment. Beyond, these insoles put an end odor buildup process and let the cool air hit your feet.

Clean feet properly and regularly

Cleaning your feet properly and regularly is a must! If you have not washed your feet for days and days and put on work boots in summer, they will definitely become sweaty,
Most importantly, cleaning your feet is believed to be a natural mechanism that perfectly regulates your foot temperature. Scientifically, it is known as the cutaneous respiration method. Fully cleaned feet produce less sweat when exposed to hot weather conditions.
Scrubbing your feet with a good-quality brush and washing it with antimicrobial soap is recommended. Ensure that the pores of your feet are unclogged.

Keep your work boots clean

Once you are done cleaning your feet, the next task that you have to perform is to clean your boots. Dirty boots lead to smelly and sweaty feet. They might infect your feet as well. So, regularly clean your boots and prevent all these problems.

Let your feet breathe and ensure maximizing airflow

You must give enough time to your feet to breathe, especially during summer. Suppose you work 9 hours; during breaks, take off your shoes and let your feet breathe for a couple of minutes. This will maximize airflow, normalize the foot temperature, and better combat sweat production problems.

Stay hydrated and eat a healthy diet

Drinking enough water and eating a healthy diet keep your feet cool, dry, and relaxed during the hottest summer days. So, make it a habit to drink plenty of water and maintain a healthy diet and body weight.
Water regulates body temperature, which is why you must never skip it. Furthermore, drinking fluids lets you easily deal with hot flashes, and no excessive sweating issue will be brought up!

Never wear wet work boots

You will always get sweaty feet if you wear wet work boots. Please stop doing it. Wearing dry boots is a must because it ensures maximum airflow, stops your feet from producing a smelly odor, and keep it completely sweat-free.
Experts have advised you to dry your work boots every night with the help of a dryer. Drying the shoes removes a bad odor, kills off growing fungi or bacteria, and unclogs the mesh lining.

More tips to keep in mind

There are some more tips that you can keep in mind and thus keep your feet fresh and comfortable even if they are exposed to the hottest summer days:

  • Get a cold bath towel and place it over your feet. This will inject a cooling sensation.
  • Uncover your feet and elevate them on a footstool. In doing so, they will become cooler, fresh, and less swollen.
  • Get a high-end foot spray that has a scent of peppermint essential oil. It will revive your hot, sweaty, and tired feet to become cool and all soothing.
  • Have a bowl and fill it with cool water. Keep your feet soaked in it for some time. You can even add drops of lavender oil or tea tree oil. This hack will keep the feet fresh and push them to produce less sweat.
  • Always keep a foot sanitizer in your bag. This product helps you deal with sweating and infections. Foot sanitizers stop fungi and bacteria growth. Just stray it onto your feet and also on your shoes and get great results.


We hope that you find these solutions easy to follow. Whenever you encounter sweaty feet problems in summer, it is recommended to follow the tips mentioned above.
Wrapping up! Wearing breathable boots and moisture-absorbing socks, applying foot powders and antiperspirant lotions and sprays, using moisture-wicking insoles/inserts, staying hydrated, keeping feet and boots clean, drying the shoes, and eating a healthy diet- all these solutions have given 100% results.

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