How To Keep Feet Dry in Work Boots | Useful Tips

Explaining: How to keep feet dry in work boots

Dealing with sweaty feet was the most struggling task in the past. All thanks to our experts, they have come up with such smart tips and remedies that help us get rid of itchy and sweaty feet.
Sweating is generally caused by wearing low-quality boots. Make it a habit of wearing quality boots and bid goodbye to smelly feet. Such feet also produce nasty and unbearable odor, excessive itchiness, and discomfort. Let us see what experts have to say about this problem and how we can better deal with it:

Causes of feet sweating

Before we jump onto the solutions, you must understand why feet produce sweat.

  • According to experts, a medical condition known as hyperhidrosis seems to be the fundamental reason for having sweaty and itchy feet.
  • Furthermore, sweat glands work overtime in some people, leading to excessive perspiration.
  • Working in hot environments does not keep your body temperature regulated, and this, in return, causes sweaty feet, back, and arms.

Solutions to keep feet dry

Let us explore the solutions now:

Wear breathable boots

Dealing with sweaty feet is no longer a hurdle. You can buy breathable shoes and prevent encountering this problem ever in your life. Additionally, put on breathable shoes, especially when you work in warm environments or do a physically demanding job.
Sweating is completely normal, but it gets uncomfortable and somewhat unbearable when your body starts producing too much sweat. So, the wise and straightforward way is to wear breathable boots. They prevent sweat build-up and keep your whole body odor-free.
In addition, these special quality boots have a mesh lining whose primary purpose is to wick and immediately absorb moisture. These shoes allow your feet to breathe for 24 hours and promise enough airflow. Thus, having breathable boots is believed to be the very first line of defense against itchy and heavily perspiring feet.

Use Shoe inserts

Using shoe inserts can keep your feet free from itchiness, sweating, and bad odor issues. You might have come across a variety of shoe inserts; they are available in a vast number of sizes. They help you with flat feet and absorb moisture as well. It is recommended to use shoe inserts that include unique fragrances.

Wear Sweat-Absorbent Socks

How can anyone forget to wear moisture-wicking socks if his feet produce too much sweat? Buy sweat-absorbing socks and let them wick every hint of moisture and perspiration from your feet. Furthermore, opt for seasonal moisture-wicking socks, which means wearing those designed for the current season.
Cotton-made socks are not suitable to be worn during any time of the season. However, if it is of high-quality cotton and not mixed, you can have those socks. Or you can have merino wool, Coolmax, and polyester socks.

Use Foot Powders and Antiperspirants

Using high-end foot powders and antiperspirants keeps the feet free from sweat production. These products absorb moisture, prevent sweating, and keep your feet smelling at their best.
Moreover, avoid applying antiperspirants and powders at the same time. This combination might not give desired results. Foot powders have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. They reduce sweat production; lessen the odor and overall itchiness factor.

Remove the shoes and let your feet breathe during breaks

The rule is to let your feet breathe! During your working hours, the best solution to get rid of sweaty feet is to take off your shoes during breaks and let your feet breathe in their super-best manner. If you work 9 to 5, it is wise to remain barefoot and let your feet breathe two to three times a day.

Follow a proper foot hygiene routine

Following a proper hygiene routine can prevent your feet from producing sweat. Wash them regularly with good-quality anti-bacterial soap. Dedicated soaps and lotions are meant to deal with sweaty feet, so use them as well. These products penetrate your skin pores and keep the feet 100% odor-free. And they treat other foot-related problems, athlete’s foot, and toenail fungus.

Keep your shoes clean

Keeping your shoes clean helps you a lot if you are battling and struggling with sweaty feet problems. If your shoes are clean, especially from the inside, it is likely that your feet will not produce odor or sweat. Moreover, if you use shoe inserts, removing and washing them regularly with a mild detergent is a must. Never wear shoes that are still wet. Let them dry because fully-dried shoes can efficiently deal with smelly feet challenge.

Applying rubbing alcohol

If you want to get fast and instant relief, then what you can do is use rubbing alcohol. Just dab a little rubbing alcohol right between the toes! The product will get immediately dry and stops the foot from producing extra sweat and odor. Besides, you should only follow this remedy if the problem looks hard to manage. The regular use of rubbing alcohol might dry your feet a lot, so practice it occasionally.

Opting for iontophoresis

This one is the experts’ recommended technique, known as iontophoresis, and it is intended for people who are struggling to get rid of sweaty feet. The American Podiatric Medical Association has tested and officially approved this technique.
This respective method uses water and passes a mild electrical current all through the skin of the feet. It is assured that with the follow-up of this technique, sweat glands remain blocked for an extended time.
Many participants with sweaty feet and hands have tried the iontophoresis technique and received satisfactory results. You can also buy an iontophoresis machine and perform this technique at home.


So, when will you bid goodbye to the sweaty feet problem? You must do so now!
The common solutions that all of you can embrace are wearing breathable designed shoes, using shoe inserts, putting on sweat-absorbing socks, regularly using anti-fungal and anti-bacterial powders, applying antiperspirants, rubbing alcohol, keeping your shoes clean and following a proper foot hygiene routine. Stay tuned!

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