How to stop feet from sweating in shoes

Explaining About How to stop feet from sweating in shoes

A sweaty foot is a big nightmare and a terrible problem to witness by almost every second person. So what to do? There are quite a few effective hacks that keep your feet sweaty-free and you can follow them for sure.
The tried and tested hacks are like wearing shoes with a breathable design, preferring moisture-wicking socks, investing in a shoe dryer, and sprinkling on foot powder.
No doubt, sweaty feet give the most uncomfortable feeling. They produce a nasty odor, and the whole situation becomes so embarrassing when surrounded by a bunch of people. You can opt for these home remedies and prevent having sweaty feet.

Choose shoes that have a breathable design

You can get rid of a sweaty foot by wearing shoes that have a breathable design. Such shoes keep your feet dry, and no sweat is produced. Experts have advised wearing sneakers that come with air mesh toppers.

Furthermore, wear sandals that are infused with minimal upper material. Choosing such footwear promises plenty of airflow. They also have natural porous soles made of a material like jute or cork. These materials guarantee to keep your feet cool and dry as much as possible.

Avoid wearing too-tight shoes

It is generally assumed that too-tight shoes keep the feet highly uncomfortable and lead to massive sweating. The smart solution is to wear loose shoes. They prevent your feet from getting sloshy, wet, and sweaty inside. Shoes that are slightly loose promise smooth air flow and keep the temperature comfy as long as you have put on the boots.

Put on moisture-wicking socks

Putting on moisture-wicking socks stops feet from getting sweaty at all! You can have socks made of cotton. They are excellent in absorbing sweat and efficiently keep the feet utmost dry, cool, and airy. Look for socks that are specially made of synthetic blends or merino wool. They claim to create the perfect breathing room for your feet.

Change your shoes if they make your feet excessively sweaty

There are many shoes that make the feet excessively sweaty. Such shoes are generally of low quality. The minute you notice that this respective footwear set is causing sweat and a nasty odor on your feet, change them right away. Moreover, choose shoes that halt your feet from becoming stinky and itchy.

Get a shoe dryer

Investing in a shoe dryer keeps the feet 100% dry and itchy-free! Using a shoe dryer is very simple. They treat all those shoes in the best manner that often holds moisture.

Sprinkle on good-quality foot powder

Sprinkling on good-quality foot powder keeps the feet dry, itchy-free, and odor-free. Before you put on the shoes, sprinkle powder, that is all! A range of talc-free foot powders and deodorants are available in the shops. Their basic purpose is to absorb sweat.
In addition, these foot powders are made of baking soda and cornstarch blend. The minute you sprinkle the powder onto your feet, you will get instant results, and it is promised that your feet will not produce slight sweat for hours and hours.

Use antiperspirant from local drugstores

If you have a medical problem of getting sweaty feet, you can deal with this problem wisely and sensibly. Buy an antiperspirant from local drug stores and get rid of a sweaty foot. Simply rub the soles of your feet and also your toes with antiperspirant and stop them from getting itchy and sweaty. Antiperspirants block the sweat ducts because these products have metallic salts.

Keep yourself hydrated

Sweaty feet causes when your body is not fully hydrated. Make it a routine to drink enough water, keep your body hydrated and prevent having sweaty feet.
Remember that if you drink too little water, your feet and your entire body will produce excessive sweat. A fully hydrated body keeps the temperature balanced. A good rule of thumb is to drink 10 to 12 glasses of water each day and enjoys having odorless and sweaty-free feet.

Seek the advice of a doctor

There is a chance that home remedies might not work on those feet that produce a massive amount of sweat and nasty odor. So, the sensible way is to seek the advice of a doctor. Some people have a medical condition called hyperhidrosis that leads to extreme sweating.
Furthermore, it has been studied that 5% to 10% of the world’s population is affected by this medical condition. You can treat this condition by opting for topical medications or prefer prescription-strength antiperspirants. You can even go for Botox injections. These treatments effectively cut down sweat glands regardless you get sweat on your hands, feet, or other body parts.

Regularly wash your feet

Regularly washing your feet reduces sweat production, cuts down sweaty glands, and regulates body temperature. It is believed that washing sweaty feet after 3 to 4 hours rinses away every trace of sweat, cools down the skin, and prevents bacteria or fungi presence.
It is even recommended to use over-the-counter antifungal soaps. Or what you can do is wash your feet by preparing a solution of water and essential oil. You can use tea tree oil or eucalyptus oil; the choice is yours.

Soak your feet in black tea

The last hack is to soak your feet in black tea. Tannins in the tea are believed to close the pores and ultimately reduce sweating. Simply soak your feet in black tea for 20 minutes and get the desired results.


Thus, as mentioned earlier, the hacks linked with getting rid of sweaty feet will sure-shot work. So, what are you thinking now? If your feet have always produced nasty and bad odor sweat, you can deal with this problem more smartly.
Picking shoes having a breathable design, stocking up on moisture-wicking socks, using a shoe dryer, applying antifungal foot powder, and other hacks are the expert-suggested ones! Stay connected for more latest updates.

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