How To Stretch Cowboy Boots – 11 Easy Hacks

Easy Tips & Tricks About How to stretch cowboy boots

Do you want to stretch your cowboy boots? If yes, we have collected many tried and tested hacks that you can easily follow. Stretching or expanding shoes makes them more comfortable to wear, keeps your feet comfy, and you can walk easily.
The common solutions you can follow are the freezer method, stretching shoes with the hairdryer heat, applying steam, using warm water bags, the freezer method or applying lotion to soften and condition the leather. You can see the remaining details in the below-mentioned part:

Boot stretch spray

Get hold of a stretch spray and expand your brand-new cowboy boots in one go. We know that when a person wears his new shoes for the first time, he notices discomfort, and his feet feel uneasiness. Experts have recommended using good-quality boot stretch spray and making your shoes highly comfortable to wear.
Furthermore, spray this respective product inside the boots, and keep walking until the spray material is completely dried. Using a boot stretch spray relaxes, softens the leather, and lets your feet walk comfortably and efficiently.

Spray water inside and on top of cowboy boots

It is believed that spraying water inside cowboy boots stretches them immediately. You can try this hack right now. Most importantly, water is one of the good solvents. The minute you splash water inside, and on top of your cowboy boots, the leather material will get soft.

Insert warm water bags inside the cowboy boots

How about using warm water bags? Yes, you can do that! These bags are readily available in the shops. Place them inside the shoes and stretch them as you want. In addition, avoid soaking your boots for a too long time with these bags. In doing so, the shoe fabric will be damaged. Hence, get hold of the warm water bags as they reduce the overall turgidity of leather cowboy boots.

Wear your brand-new cowboy boots multiple times

Wearing your brand-new cowboy boots multiple times, stretch and expand them naturally. Experts have marked it as one of the most effective and trusted methods. Simply walk with those new boots at least two to three times a day for a week.

Use Hairdryer

Many people out there stretch their cowboy boots using a hairdryer. Apply heat onto the outer and inner surfaces of the shoes, and that is all; you are almost done! Heat supplied to boots will stretch them, and you will ultimately catch up with a comfortable wearing experience.

Applying lotion to soften the leather of cowboy boots

The lotion hack will definitely work! It is a welcoming idea that you can try out too. Applying lotion softens and conditions the leather of cowboy boots and lets your feet easily fit in them. Besides, lubricating, dampening, as well as conditioning the leather instantly stretches it, and you acquire the desired length and fitting. Rub the lotion gently and very lightly around the hinge holes.

The steam method

The steam method gives 100% results if anyone of you wants to stretch his boots! Let us see how this method works. What you need to do is to place the hot water steamer right in the direction perpendicular to the cowboy boots.

20 seconds duration is enough; after that, remove the hot water steamer. If you oversteam your boots, the leather will change its color. Thus, that is all! The steam method will soften the boots’ leather and make them fully stretch from the inside.

Immerse your cowboy boots in water

Immersing the cowboy boots in water makes them stretch and expand without hassle. You need to get your shoes wholly saturated in water. Avoid dipping your boots partially in water; this will not yield satisfactory results.

Thus, saturate your boots in a bucket filled with water. Once you are done, take them out, slip your feet into those shoes, and walk for a few minutes. We know it will be a bit uncomfortable for you to walk in those wet boots, but this hack does stretch your shoes.

Prepare a stretching solution

Preparing a stretching solution expands your cowboy boots in a blink of an eye. You can try out this method and see how best results it gives!

You can make this solution at home. Add three parts of water to one part of isopropyl alcohol. To proceed with this method, wear thicker socks, spray the boots with this prepared solution, and keep wearing those cowboy boots until the solution gets dry.

It is believed that isopropyl alcohol solution softens, relaxes, and stretches the leather, and your feet comfortably fit in those shoes.

Use Vaseline

The results you get using Vaseline to stretch cowboy boots are excellent. Take a little amount of Vaseline and gently apply it to your shoes. Once the product is dried, you can rub the alcohol to get more satisfactory results.

The Freezer Method

The last one is the freezer method! If none of the above-mentioned hacks have given you up-to-the-mark results, you can try the freezer method.

Simply place your boots in the freezer, and keep the duration overnight. Afterward, the next day, remove the shoes from the freezer and let the ice melt. Once it gets melted, put on the shoes and walk in them for some time. It can be an hour or more than that! This hack will certainly stretch and break in your shoes.

Apart from that, there are other options that you can utilize to stretch boots, and they are instep stretchers, shaft stretchers, and width stretchers.


So, what’s the bottom line? So far, we have mentioned a wide number of methods and practical solutions that tells how to stretch, expand and break in cowboy boots. You can try out any of these hacks and let us know which one worked for you. It is time to break in and stretch your shoes naturally and without damaging them, which is possible now. Stay tuned for more updates.

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