Timberland Pro Wedge Review – Best For Men’s

Introduction About Timberland Pro Wedge Review

If your job requires you to be on your feet, you need good working boots to be comfortable all day. Investing in men’s boots is necessary if you do a tough job requiring you to be physically active. It is essential to purchase a lightweight, waterproof, comfortable, and stylish boot. However, you should be ready to splurge if you need all the great features in a men’s working boot. Timberland is a great brand for men’s boots and provides unbeatable value.
Timberland Pro Wedge
is one of the smartest boots in the collection, with unbeatable features. They can be worn as work boots and also casual footwear. However, its durable build and safety protection properties make it a great shoe for electricians and construction workers. If you like expensive heritage-style boots, these can be a cheaper alternative.
Before you take a leap of faith and invest in these boots, it is better to look at their features. Continue reading for an in-depth review of the Timberland Wedge Boots!

Overview of the Timberland Pro Wedge Boots

People who are interested in American-style heritage boots are only sometimes available. Even if heritage-style boots are available, they are so expensive that you cannot afford them. The Timberland Pro Wedge boots are a great alternative to heritage-style boots looking classic.
Most customers love the light-colored rubber sole, which makes the boot slip-resistant. The rubber helps provide grip on wet services reducing the chances of accidents. On the other hand, the rubber material is easy to clean and does not attract much dirt.
One of the best parts about the boot is the heeled loop pull, which helps pull it up firmly. Despite having a pull-up closure style, it still has lace-up details at the front adding dimension to it. The boot has a one-inch heel which is great for adding height.
Most boots are very hard to break into; however, it is different from the Timberland Wedge boots. They provide seamless comfort from the day you start wearing them. We are discussing its features in detail down below!

Key Specifications

Timberland Pro Wedge
  • Material: 100% Leather
  • Color: Tan Brown
  • Item weight: 2.1 Pounds
  • Item Dimension: 13.7 x 9.1 x 5.2 inches

Key features of the Timberland Pro Wedge Boots

  • Moccasin-Toe stitching

Some work boots look too formal, and you cannot wear them casually. If you want a shoe, you can wear casually; the Timberland Pro Wedge boots are a great choice. They have a moccasin toe which gives them a casual yet smart look. The light-contrast stitching on the side looks best with everyday outfits or formal office wear. On the other hand, the boot is 6 inches long, giving it a sleeker look.
Most of the components used in the pro wedge shoes are imported and handpicked to enhance the boot’s longevity. The tan-brown color is quite versatile and looks good with most outfits. It has contrasting side stitching, making it stand out and look classy.

  • Super comfortable

One of the issues with boots is that they are only sometimes comfortable. It takes a lot of time to break into them, which often makes you miss wearing them. However, the Timberland Wedge boots are great because it takes no time to break into them. The extremely soft inner lining engulfs your foot comfortably and lets the air pass through.

  • Premium Fitting

They are available in a few sizes that fit snugly, allowing you to be comfortable all day. These boots are made with 100% leather, giving them a vintage look. The leather finish gives a rugged and vintage look, making them look more expensive than they are. Also, the leather is made to endure harsh weather conditions and is waterproof.

  • Pull-up design with lace details

Laced boots are very complicated, and no one has time to figure out how to put them on in the morning. If you want a hassle-free boot, you can invest in the Timberland wedge boot. It has a slip-up closure type which takes less than a minute to put on. You only have to slip your feet through the boot and pull it up.
Despite having a slip-up closure type, these boots have a front lace-up detail. The lace detail adds a nice contemporary touch to an otherwise vintage-looking shoe. It is best to purchase a half-size smaller than your original size as the boot loosens.

  • Take no time to break into

Most people have to spend trying to break into the shoe, which also causes blisters on their feet. Despite being 100% leather material, it takes no time to break into the shoe. The alleviated toe and self-design sole help in the even distribution of weight.

  • Alleviated toe and looped pull the heel

Most of us have curved feet that can ache when wearing flat-base boots. However, it is hard to find a boot like the Timberland wedge with an alleviated toe. It helps you be taller and adds comfort, making you feel energized all day.

Most leather boots get dirty very easily and are very hard to clean. However, the Timberland boots are treated so that dust does not sit on them. You can easily clean the waterproof boots with a soft and damp muslin cloth. The rubber sole provides good traction, is very easy to clean, and keeps dirt at bay.

Pros And Cons


  • Pull-up design and lace-up detail
  • Alleviated toe with lop pulls heel.
  • 100% leather
  • Takes no time to wear


  • No grip on asphalt ground


If you are wondering whether Timberland Pro Wedge boots are a good purchase, you shouldn’t think twice. They are quite high-quality and would last you more than two years. You don’t have to do much to maintain or clean them. Hence, these boots are worth purchasing, especially if you like vintage things.

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