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Introduction: What Are Tanker Boots

Let us talk in detail about tanker boots! If you belong to the military world, you must have spotted almost every single soldier wearing these boots. Especially soldiers working on tanks wear these shoes.
In addition, they were designed and conceptualized by H. E. Ketzler and also General George S. Patton Jr. in the year 1937. The catchy quality of these boots is that they are easy to get on and fast to take off. More we have discussed about tanker boots, you can go through the details:

All about the tanker boots

Call them tanker boots or military boots; the choice is yours. The look of a soldier is incomplete if he has not worn these boots. For those working on a tank, it is a must to wear them. There comes no hassle while wearing and taking off these boots. Regular boots are all laced with metal eyelets. But in the case of tanker boots, they have been fastened and secured with leather straps. The straps are wrapped around the buckle and upper.

Advantages of tanker boots

You can now see what advantages are offered by tanker boots. Numerous positives are embedded in these military boots and those details can be checked out here:

Leather straps prevent the boots from tangling

All thanks to the leather straps- your boots will not get tangled or stuck with the tank moving parts. Lace-designed boots are messy because they usually get stuck and drag the wearer. Thus, wearing tanker boots ensures you can comfortably work inside the tank without dragging or tripping yourself.

Resistant to fire

Another catchy feature of tanker boots is that they are resistant to fire. You might have come across boots whose canvas or nylon panels get melted whenever they are exposed to fire. Furthermore, this situation leads to injuring the tank’s crewman. Opting for the tanker boots, no such experiences will be encountered at your end. These boots’ upper panels and laces do not melt even if they catch fire.

Suitable for muddy environment

The tanker boots are highly suitable for muddy environments. If any soldier has been asked to do maintenance on their vehicle and the environment is extremely muddy, the boot that you must always wear is the tanker one! You can easily clean the boots even if they are clogged and jam-packed with mud.

Promises Improved circulation

Tanker boots promise improved circulation, and your feet will not become sweaty. Even if you have been sitting for long periods, the feet of the crew tank member remain sweaty and odor-free.

An elevated level of security and protection

You catch up with the improved level of protection if you wear tanker boots. They let you safely work in hazardous environments where there is a massive risk of crushing from falling objects.

Enhanced arch support

Your feet will not get tired if you put on the tanker boots for 48 hours. These boots have anti-fatigue steel shanks that promise to give enhanced arch support. Besides, your feet remain stress-free when navigating stairs, climbing ladders, or scaffolding.

100% waterproof

The tanker boots are engineered on a 100% waterproofing construction method. They can withstand every condition regardless of how wet and muddy it is. Your feet will stay dry if you wear these boots.

100% durable

In the same way, tanker boots are 100% durable. They are meant for military personnel, so no compromise is made on durability and quality! Furthermore, they are made to last and are the smartest investment for long-term use.
Every brand that manufactures tanker boots has assured that they use high-quality materials, waterproofing construction, and excellent craftsmanship. Some of the boots display Goodyear Welt construction, proving that the durability factor is addressed.

Comfortable to wear

Soldiers working on tanks have assured comfortable wearing experience. The tanker boots give a snug fit, and no discomfort will be seen in your feet even if you have worn them for 24 to 48 hours.

Easy to slip on and fact to lace-up

No doubt, tanker boots are easy to slip on and fast to lace up. We know that soldiers do not have enough time to lace up their boots and tighten them. They are always spotted in a rush. This is why tanker boots have been introduced. They quickly slip on and tighten in hardly a second time frame.

Flexible, breathable, and insulated

Lastly, tanker boots have a flexible, breathable, and insulated design. Their break-in time is short. Once you wear them, these boots naturally stretch and expand without discomforting your feet. Rest, they have a breathable design assuring to keep sweaty and moisture-free. And the insulated design keeps your feet warm during cold environments.

Downsides of tanker boots

A few of the downsides have been highlighted about tanker boots: Remember that this footwear type is exclusively intended for soldiers and not for other audiences:

  • Tanker boots comparatively offer little ankle support. It is assumed that ankle support is not of much significance for military personnel and troops, which is why these boots are only intended for them and not for other audiences.
  • A few of the tanker boot variants have been launched. These are named cavalry boots and seem to be higher above the ankle. It is seen that this variant does not give a comfortable wearing experience.


So, what’s the bottom line? We have shared all the basic information on tanker boots. If you work on military tanks, please let us know how it feels to wear these boots and whether they meet your needs or not.
Tanker or military boots are always strongly associated and linked with soldiers. Since 1937, they have been in use, and their demand is nowhere going down. You can keep in touch with us, and we will update you more on what other kinds of boots are worn by military personnel. Stay tuned!

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