Why Do Logger Boots Have High Heels

Introduction: Why do logger Boots Have High Heels

Logger boots are known for their high heels. Do you want to know what primary purpose is offered by raised heels? Here we are going to tell you. The high heel promises additional ankle support and extensive arch support, making it easy for you to walk on mixed and uneven terrains or go uphill.
In addition, the raised heel acts as a shock absorber for your foot. There is no need to worry that high heels will give you an uncomfortable walking experience; that is not the case here. With these shoes, you can walk easily, even on awkward paths. Below you can see further explanation of why do logger boots have high heels:

Why do logger boots have raised heels?

Primarily for ankle and arch support, logger boots need high heels. The tall heel serves uncountable purposes and seems to bring extensive convenience for people who are loggers by profession.
Furthermore, such a heel functions as a shock absorber, and you can safely walk on mixed terrains and uneven surfaces. If your job demands heavy outdoor work, then wearing boots having high heels remains a must. And here, the best recommendation is to go with logger boots. This shoe type has become an extremely beneficial pick for people working on concrete floors.

Why do loggers need boots that have high heels?

Below you can check out the reasons that explain why loggers always look for boots that ought to have high heels. Principally, the raised heel promises arch support!

Provide traction

Logger boots having high heels provide enough traction. It elevates your foot comfortably, and you can walk on all surfaces, including marshy and wet conditions. Besides, the deep lug pattern and rugged features of these boots make it smoother for you to walk in wooded and forest areas.

Aid in climbing

High heels infused in the logger boots aid in climbing. We all know that loggers have to continuously climb trees to carry out the removal process and here high heels will help you out immensely. Tall heels prevent slipping, and these boots are also excessively worn by linemen. These workers have to climb utility poles, so relying on boots with high heels remains a must.

Allows you smoothly walk on muddy grounds

Logger boots are commonly worn by farmers and ranchers. They allow them to walk smoothly on muddy grounds. The job of farmers frequently demands working around weathered farmland, muck, and barnyards. For this reason, logger boots having high heels have become the top preference among ranchers! Your feet remain in an elevated position out of the mud and muck and you can walk around without any hassle.

Prevent slipping

Logger boots have become the top-most pick among motorcycle riders because they contain high heels and ultimately prevent slipping. The raised heel is believed to give sufficient buffer, prevent tripping, and protect you from serious injuries. These boots wrap up completely high up and all through the ankle. You get additional leg protection at the same time.

Gives additional stability

Logger boots are the name of giving additional stability. If you think your present boots pose an immense challenge while walking on uneven terrains and your feet remain unstable, then have logger boots and no other shoe type.

Protection against impact and shocks

Logger boots assure to give protection against impacts and shocks. They are constructed in a way to absorb every shock without giving tired or sore feet. Rest, you no longer have to worry about lower leg pain or knee or hip pain.
Thus, these boots excel in terms of giving stability, protection, traction, and support. They have become the best choice among people who have to spend hours and hours on muddy grounds.

Other benefits offered by logger boots

Below you can see the extended advantageous side of logger boots:

  • It is for almost every profession that wearing logger boots are appropriate.
  • The lower heel profile gives additional support.
  • Logger-style boots are included in the rugged work boot category. Such boots look highly supportive and keep your feet relaxed and stressed-free during a hard day’s work.
  • The taller heel offers excellent support to the heel as well as in the arch.
  • Besides, the tall heel profile keeps enough amount of material right under the heel, which leads to impact absorption.
  • They are comfortable to wear for long days.
  • Logger boots always ensure the delivery of a good grip. If your job demands you to work in forests, marshes, and similar kinds of rugged terrain, wearing logger boots is important. They give the needed and desired grip to the wearer.
  • Moreover, the raised heel design keeps the feet consistently above the ground as long as you work on marshy and wet ground surfaces.

More about logger boots having high heels

The use of logger boots traces back to the time of late 19th to early 20th century, and its use was first spotted for the first time in the Pacific Northwest region. Initially, timber workers started wearing these raised-heel working boots. Furthermore, the original design had a caulked sole intended to maintain and provide enough traction. The caulked sole allows you to walk safely on slick surfaces.
You can definitely call these boots general boots because they are widely used by professionals working in different industries. For example, farmers, ranchers, linemen, concrete workers, motorcycle riders, timber workers, and wildland firefighting professionals- all of them wear logger boots.


Now, you know why logger boots need high heels. Brands have been trying to introduce more of the advanced version of these boots. You can keep tuned with us so that those updates can be conveyed to you on time.
Reminding you again! High-heeled logger boots guarantee ankle support, full arch, and heel support, aid in climbing, and prevent slipping. The raised heel assures shock and impact absorption. Stay connected!

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