Wolverine i-90 Boots Review – Best Construction Boot

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Are you looking for high-quality work boots at an affordable price? Work boots are amazing and increase your productivity, but you rarely get them at an affordable price. Brands like Timberland and TAERDUN are expensive; hence, only a few people think about getting them. However, Wolverine is one of the brands that provide the consistent quality and excellent value you have been looking for. It is a more than 135-year-old brand that still manages to strike people every time with its blazing quality.

Wolverine I-90 Boots have been the talk of the town for a while. They look extremely expensive and have unbeatable traction on asphalt and concrete ground. The boots have a great super-contact surface and do an excellent job at weight distribution. Many people need clarification on whether these boots are worth their hard-earned money. Well, we decided to make such a challenging decision easier for you! This Wolverine I-90 boots review contains every detail you could need. Dive right in to see if these boots are a great purchase!

Overview of the Wolverine I-90 Boots

Wolverine is a reputable company, and many swear by its amazing quality. Each Wolverine boot has features that add supreme comfort and efficiency. Despite being around for more than 135 years, Wolverine has been catering to users’ needs like never before.
Wolverine boots stand out. Wolverine quite recently introduced the i-90 boot collection, which created a lot of excitement in people considering its amazing price and quality. If you want to invest in great work boots that you can wear casually, Wolverine I-90 boots are a great choice.

One of the best parts about the Wolverine i-90 boots is its EPX fatigue technology that adds unlimited comfort to the shoes. It has a honeycomb heel which helps distribute weight, maximizing comfort and flexibility.
If you want to feel like getting the comfort of a massage all day, the Wolverine i-90 boots are best. It has a rubber outsole that provides unbeatable traction on slippery ground. The well-cushion midsole is perfect for evenly distributed pressure.

However, one thing you must remember when purchasing these boots is if they fit you right. If the Wolverine i-90 boots fit you, you will feel like you are walking on clouds. You get unbeatable support and undeniable comfort that help increase your productivity levels.
These boots are made with 100% leather which is great if you want to wear them for years. The high-abrasion lug boots have high coverage and great ankle protection. We have your back if you want to dive deeper into the boot’s features. Keep reading for in-depth features and reviews!

Key Features

Wolverine i-90 Boots Review - Best Construction Boot
  • Dimension: 14.49 x 10.75 x 4.92 inches
  • Color: Brown
  • Safety Protection: ASTM
  • Weight: 1.81 pounds

Features of the Wolverine i-90 Boot

  • Unbeatable Style

One of the best parts about the Wolverine I-90 boots is their style and unbeatable comfort. They look unique for wedge boots and have a unique touch. The contrast stitching on the side looks great with the tan-brown boot.
The cream-colored sole looks great, with the tan-brown color giving you a chic yet classy look. These boots are not only perfect for work but also for hiking. These boots will surely uplift your look no matter what outfit you wear.

  • Extremely Comfortable

Nothing beats the comfort of Wolverine boots because of the great technology it offers. The epx anti-fatigue technology ensures all-day long comfort and foot pain. It has an amazing honeycomb heel which helps in even weight distribution.
The honeycomb heel expands and absorbs pressure providing you with unlimited comfort. It has a rubber lug sole that helps provide a good grip on the ground. You get great support step after step because of its comfortable padded sole. Also, it has a breathable membrane that allows the air to pass through, keeping you cool in the summer.

  • High-Quality Design

The Wolverine I-90 boots are designed to cater to the needs of most customers. Whether a construction worker or an electrician, you will love the Wolverine boots. One of the best parts about the boots is their single and double-stitching design.
Putting full pressure on the show does not restrict your movement but does ease it. It has a hone-comb heel design which allows the weight to distribute properly. It has a nylon stability shank with a high-quality outsole. The outsoles are oil, water, and fire-resistant, providing an unbeatable grip on slippery roads.

  • Easy To Put On

Boots often take a few minutes to put on and feel like too much hassle. If you want a boot that is easier to put on and has a classic design, Wolverine I-90 is the best. It has great lace-up detail in the front, but you can easily slip them on.

  • Waterproof and Abrasion Resistant

Wolverine boots are great to own because they work perfectly in all weather. These boots have a waterproof protective layer, a high-traction outsole, and a slip-resistant heel. It also has a moisture-wicking mesh and breathable membrane, which helps keep you cool in hot weather. On the other hand, it has a composite toe which is ASTM certified.

Pros And Cons of Wolverine i-90 Boots


  • 100% leather material and man-made sole
  • Extremely comfortable with double and single stitching design
  • Slip-resistant heel and ASTM Certified
  • High abrasion outsole


  • Gets dirty easily.


The Wolverine i-90 boots are great if you want a casual, easy-to-put, and highly protective shoe. It has a composite toe which helps protect you from electric shocks and other hazards. It has a classic lace-up detail, but it is too easy to slip it on. These boots are great for work but have a super comfortable lining, making them easier to wear all day.

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